Mobile Deluxe bursts to #2 in subcategory for increase in organics

Client Background

Mobile Deluxe wanted to reach Top 5 of the Card Games subcategory with their app Solitaire Deluxe. Their goal was to find a cost-effective way to drive organic downloads.


FreeMyApps ran a burst campaign and leveraged its social media following for additional volume. FreeMyApps also used the iTunes Store Targeting capability.

The Results

The results exceeded Mobile Deluxe’s goals. They reached top 5 in the subcategory, drove a cost per incremental organic at a target rate of $2.60, and saw organics increase by 150% over the five days.

Campaign Length:
 5 days

Peak Rank: #5 in Card Games subcategory and #2 in Dice Games

Conversions Driven:

Incremental Organic Installs:

Cost per incremental organic: