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If our 1.6M monthly users don't provide the volume you need, we'll layer on additional volume through our partnerships with all leading incent aggregators and other reward platforms.

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Use FreeMyApp’s proprietary iTunes Store targeting to find users based on their iTunes country settings, not their current location. Store targeting can double your incent volume and is only available through working with FreeMyApps directly.

Fraud Prevention Experts

Our sophisticated anti-fraud technology programmatically identifies abnormalities around click, device, and install data to ensure that you’re not paying for fraudulent installs.

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Many incent networks, aggregators, and agencies source traffic through FreeMyApps. By going direct, you'll save money and receive more downloads at the same bid. You'll also get access to our fraud protection, social following, and iTunes store targeting with a direct integration.

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking

Works with leading tracking solutions

Tracking Partners

Fast, Easy Campaign Setup

  • Predictable: Install, budget, and rank projections provided
  • Easy: FreeMyApps team handles promotional copy, creative (app icon), campaign setup and optimization

Managed Service or Self-Serve

  • Work with a dedicated account team that’s managed 1000s of campaigns
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